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Serving next grade performances

NKC develops and produces coatings and synthetics based on epoxy and polyurethane. Our products and systems are suitable for private labels and are used in construction and industry; our customers are primarily paint manufacturers, professional application companies and private label resellers.

Key concepts in our product range are product quality and performance, durability, health and safety. As a knowledge and production partner for our customers, we respond attentively to developments in the market and legislation and regulations.

We supply new generations of coatings and synthetics that are tailored to the needs and challenges of our customers. Today and tomorrow.

Something to coat, reinforce, repair, embellish, join, bond or seal?

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We have the solution with the right qualities,
or we develop it.

When it comes to epoxy and polyurethane-based coatings and synthetics for construction and industry, we know everything about raw materials, the possibilities and the limitations...

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NKC produces, develops and supplies epoxy and polyurethane solutions based on your specifications. Your Schedule of Requirements is the starting point for our advice: for the right product, with the right application, on the right substrate...

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NKC solutions protect, repair, strengthen and embellish in countless ways. In addition to the products we develop and manufacture on a project-specific basis, our delivery program consists of more than 500 products...

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NKC always offers you
a suitable solution for
your project or issue.

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