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Protective coatings for floors, walls, facades and works of art

NKC offers a range of special wall and floor coatings based on epoxy and polyurethane for the protection of floors and walls in industrial and other critical and heavily loaded environments, as well as facades and structures in civil engineering. Depending on the substrate, a primer may be required for optimal adhesion.

Applications and properties

  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Substrate: wood, concrete, steel
  • Concrete-/ cement-bound
  • Transparent/ coloured
  • Chemical/ mechanical load capacity to specification

Your options

  • 1- or 2-component epoxy or polyurethane wall and floor coatings: solvent-based and water-soluble and solvent-free, transparent and coloured, durable, seamless application, easy to clean/maintain
  • Anti-graffiti systems: permanent/semi-permanent, matt/gloss, protects the substrate, UV-resistant, easy to use

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