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Reinforcement of weak substrates and casting of pipe holes

For reinforcement of (weak) substrates and building elements that must be able to withstand, for example, tensile loads, compressive forces and dynamic forces and/or the action of moisture, oils or chemicals, NKC offers a wide range of durable solutions, each with their own specific properties.

Applications and properties

  • Outdoors and indoors
  • Concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, wood, steel
  • Floors, walls, weak substrates
  • Concrete- / cement-bound
  • Re-enforcing cracks
  • Casting holes and pipes
  • Optimal adhesion (with or without primer bonding bridge)
  • Dust-free substrate (by priming)

Your options

  • Primers: 2-components based on epoxy or polyurethane, solvent-based or solvent-free, in various viscosities, can be used as a stabiliser, scraper or bonding bridge.
  • Paint-repellents: 2-components based on epoxy or polyurethane, solvent-free or solvent-based
Casting mortars: 2-components based on epoxy, good adhesion to the substrate, varieties with different curing times, waterproof, bend resistant and vibration resistant

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