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Repair of non-structural construction elements in wood and concrete

For the repair of small and large cracks and holes in wood and concrete, blow holes and filling open joints in wood and concrete, NKC offers several tailor-made solutions. Each with their own specific properties. From solutions for small, quick repairs to large(er) repairs that require a longer curing time.

Applications and properties

  • Outdoors and indoors
  • Floors and walls
  • Frames, windows, doors, stairs, etc.
  • Wood and concrete
  • Concrete- / cement-bound
  • Transparent / coloured / paintable

Your options

  • Fillers: 2-component fillers based on epoxy or polyurethane with varying degrees of hardening, flexibility and solids content
  • Wood repair agents: based on 2-component epoxy resin, solvent-free, permanently elastic
  • Concrete repair agents: shrink-free 2-component repair mortar based on epoxy, from semi-lightweight repair mortar to repair mortar with a high compressive strength

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